--Handbag Edition--

Hi Friends! Today, I am bringing you a designer dupe post!! This one is a handbag edition. I want to get one thing clarified before we get into the post: 

Dupes = NOT fake. I like to think of them as designer inspired. 

Designers work hard on their design and I am sure it does not feel good to have their designs replicated. However, for a lot of people (like me), some of these bags are SO expensive! For example, the cost of the Hermes bag could do wonders towards my student loans or even a down payment for a house. So, although they are gorgeous designs, sometimes the price tag just isn't up everyone's alley. ENTER dupes :) 

Here are a few of my favorite designer bags and their dupes...

- Chloe Saddle Bag- 


Quito | Travel Guide

Today, we are sharing our thoughts on a city that quite simply put, stole our hearts. Quito is probably one of the most beautiful cities we have visited. The people, the culture, the food, the music, the location, the ambiance of the city, it all grows on you and leaves a lasting impression for a lifetime to come!! Oh and not to mention, everything is extremely affordable!

The City of Quito


Otavalo | Travel Guide

-Overview -
Visually speaking the town of Otavalo itself isn’t anything extravagant. The town has retail shops selling everything from tv’s to sneakers to popular apparel to traditional artifacts.  It is a clash between modern and traditional Ecuadorian culture.  However, look at what is around the town and your mouth is guaranteed to drop open. The beautiful Andean highlands, the hidden lakes, the volcanic craters, the peaks, the volcanoes and the small villages surrounding the town, it is all a treat for the eyes and the soul.