5 Things I have learned in the past 5 years...

1) Regrets - It's okay to have regrets. Admitting to yourself that you failed, that you messed something up or did something stupid is Okay! Stop associating regrets with negative connotations. It is human to make mistakes, it is human to make stupid decisions and regret them later. It is human to think " Oh, I should have done that" . Stop telling yourself to have this mentality of having " no regrets" . This mentality will push you to oppress your thoughts and that is going to drive you insane. Be honest with yourself about regrets. Face them. Accept them. Learn from them. Move on. 


The Little Things- Part 1 

I was driving home today and while sitting in traffic, I saw a little girl get filled with excitement when the flurries started coming down. Somehow, in some weird way- her excitement and innocence made me realize that we often overlook the little things in life. And that somehow, prompted me to think about the times I may have taken people for granted in my life ( How did my brain jump from watching a little girl enjoy flurries to thinking about being ungrateful- I have no idea). The entire drive back, my mind was bombarded with moments I have taken for granted. So, here I am making a list of things/people that I have taken for granted in the past few weeks but am now making a conscious decision to be grateful for them and the little things they do. I will be sure to tell them in person since some of them may not read this.