Laugh a little

I was reading this article as I was sitting here and procrastinating. I couldn't help but share on here! I couldn't have read it at a better time as I was just thinking about how unprepared most people our age are to deal with everything that life throws at us in our twenties. It is effortlessly funny and true to an extent. I think sometimes we just have to find humor in certain situations to get through them.

This was my favorite one from the list! 

If you haven't read through it already, you MUST!! Click on the link below.



Emotional Detachment

I am as emotional as emotional can get. There is no other way to describe just how much of an emotional person I am. Now, don't get me wrong- this does not mean I am not happy or I am always serious. Contrary to the belief, emotional people can have a sense of humor as well. I admit I may not have the BEST sense of humor out there, but I do have one. I always thought that being emotional was a good thing (I was in touch with my emotional side, I mean what's wrong that?)  but as I got older, I realized that it actually isn't. Let me reword it - being an excessively emotional human being can be a bad thing. I believe there should be a healthy balance of how "emotional" someone should be so that they don't compromise who they are.

Clear Mind

Five Things I Do To Clear My Mind. 

I space out a lot. My mind wanders a lot. I get jumbled up in my own thoughts for hours. Sometimes I just sit there, staring into empty space without a reason. The moment I start experiencing these things, I know the time has come to clear my mind. I have learned over the years that this happens because there is so much going on in my head at once, it becomes incapable of processing anything at all .  Let me give you an example - think of a washing machine - If you load it with more clothes than it can handle, what will happen? It is going to get stuck, unable to do it's job (bad analogy, I know) but I like to think our minds work similarly. If we overload it, it will get stuck not being able to do it's job. When my mind gets stuck, it throws me off of my balance, I start to forget important dates and deadlines, I even start putting clean dishes in the fridge thinking it's the cabinet (I know I am not the only one who does something like this, or at least I hope I am not). My point is when my mind stops working, I feel lost.  However,  just as if the solution to an overpacked washing machine is to take some clothes out, the solution to an excessively cluttered mind is to clear it!