Mother's Day

Ten Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a day that serves to remind us just how important our mothers are! I do think that one day is not enough to appreciate and acknowledge everything our mothers do for us, nonetheless I think that this day reminds us not to forget the vital role that moms play in our lives! Do you ever just stop and think about everything  that our mothers do for us? I always catch myself watching my mom be a "mom" and can't help but thank the universe enough!

I can't thank the universe enough for blessing me with this person I call mom! This person who puts her needs, happiness and well-being aside for me. This person who teaches me right from wrong, guides me, forgives me, loves me, cries for me and with me. This person who knows me better than anyone.  This person who defines what unconditional love means. This person who is ALWAYS there for me by my side!!

This Mother's Day be sure to hug your mom and tell her how much you love and care for her! Anddd if you want to get her something other than flowers/chocolates or something in addition to flowers/chocolates, then check out my list below!

1) Josie Maran Sugar Body Scrub - Perfect to unwind with in the shower.

2) Bonsai Tree  - Plants make great gifts and additions to any space! There is just something so positive about having plants around. 

3) Sephora Skin Care Favorites Sampler - Great gift for the mom who is into skincare and/or wants to venture into skincare.  

4) Spa Day - Schedule a Spa Day for your mom! I am sure a day away to just relax would be perfect for any mom! A massage, facial, and mani/pedi are all things that can help a mom feel pampered & rejuvenated! 

5) Perfume - You really cannot go wrong here! Get her favorite perfume or something new she might have had her eyes on. 

6) Paint-Nite - Set up a day for you and your mom to go participate in a paint-nite. If you have never been, I highly recommend this! You do not need to know how to paint and it is a lot of fun! Be sure to either look up paint nite on groupon or use the 35% off code that shows up when you first log on to the website to save some $$$. 

7) Mug - If your mom loves to drink coffee or tea , then this is perfect! There are so many variations you can find out there! 

8) FitBit - For the mom's who are into the active lifestyle or looking for motivation to get into it! 

9) FitFlops - My mom suffers from foot problems and back problems and these shoes are heaven sent for her! She is very picky when it comes to comfort and style and the fact that she loves this brand, I am sure many moms out there will love them as well! 

10) Handbag - Handbags are so versatile and come in many different colors, shapes and sizes! Perfect for moms who like to accessorize their look and add some fun to their style. 

I hope the gift list was helpful and gave you some ideas! 

Even if you don't get her anything, be sure to tell her how much you love her and if you can then spend some quality time with her.  That is probably the biggest gift a mom can get :)

Are there any special plans you have with your mom? My mom is working on Mother's Day so I am trying to figure something out for her to do after she gets off from work. 

Wishing all the mommies out there a very Happy Mother's Day!!

Until next time..

F21- Fashion Friday

It's Friday!

This week flew by so fast! The weather has been acting up again and I am so happy it's finally Friday!! The gloomy weather just makes me want to be in bed all day, bundled up in a warm blanket, sipping on some Starbucks and catching up on all the shows!

For this week, I chose Forever 21. It is a great place to find affordable and trendy clothes. The quality is a hit or a miss for me. Sometimes, I find really good quality ( and I am talking about the material) that lasts me for a very long time but then there are those times where I have worn something once and that was it because it either shrank or the material did not hold up like it should.

Anyway, despite my issue with their quality, I will not stop shopping there because I usually end up finding good deals.  For the price and selection, I don't think you can go wrong!

Let's get to it..

1) Tassled Lace-Up Sandals - $24.90


2) Layered Necklace - $ 5.90 

So Dainty! 

3) Nude Wedges - $27.90 

Staple item. 

4) Yellow Bikini Top - $17.90 
     Yellow Bikini Bottom - $ 15.90

The straps = love! 

5) Floral Maxi - $24.90 

Perfectttt for spring. 

Love Love Love!! 

7) Tie-Waist Shorts - $ 9.90

Great to mix and match with many tops! 

8) Eyelet Skirt - $24.90 

Love how feminine this is. 

9) Peasant Top - $22.90 

Bohemian vibes. 

These are all my picks for this week! I could have probably made a 15 page list of Fashion Friday picks from Forever 21. I mean, it was so hard to narrow it down to the 9 items above!! 

Mother's Day Gift picks will be up tomorrow! :) 

Have a good weekend! 

Until next time...

Top Trends & Must-Haves for Spring- 2016

Spring weather is finally here on the east coast!! yayayay!!

With the arrival of this gorgeous weather, I present to you a list of Spring Must-Haves for 2016. I have organized this by the type of items and then included some of my picks. The range varies so hopefully you find something you like or get inspiration next time you go shopping!

So, let's get to it..

1)  Embroidered Dress

Crushing on this one! Price is amazing. Find it here

Embroidery + Denim = Love! Find it here.

Love how simple yet pretty this one is! Find it here
2) Bold & Exotic Earrings

This color !! . Find them here

I had to pick these up! Find them here 

Need these!! Find them here

3) Playful shoes

These are on my wishlist! Find them here.

How Cute! Would be perfect for vacay style.  Find them here.

Affordable & Stylish. Find them here.

4) Springtime Romper

Love how comfy this looks! Find it here

Screams spring doesn't it? Find it here

Would be perfect to run errands or lounge around. Find it here

5) Statement Bag 

This would add life to any outfit. Find it here.

I am lover of totes & this one makes a statement. Find it here
All about that fringe. Find it here

6) Sunglasses 

Brow Bar sunnies are taking over! Find these here.
Need to have retro sunnies. Find these here.

Make a statement with these. Find them here.

7) Hats 

Woven Hat for the sunny days. Find it here.
Love! Find it here.

My favorite! Find it here.

 As I look back at the post, I noticed a very prominent bohemian feel this season and I could not be happier!! Bohemian anything is one of my all time favorite styles. 

Almost forgot to mention- Off the shoulder is also quite the trend this spring! I loved it so much that I did an entirely separate post on it.  

Do you have any spring time must haves?! I would love to know. 

Hope everyone has a great day! 
Until next time...

Express - Fashion Friday

It's Friday!! 

I hope everyone has been having a great week so far. The weather has been all sorts of crazy here on the east coast but today it finally feels like spring. I am loving it!! 

I choose Express for this post since I really like their clothing!  The fit is great and the quality is always really good. I have this one t-shirt that I have had since 2006 and it still looks brand new and I still wear it to this day! That's crazy, isn't it?! It's also the perfect place to find casual and work outfits for men and women! They have stepped up their shoe and jewelry game in the last few years too. 

Let's get to this week's picks for Fashion Friday!

1)  Maxi - $88.00 ( Express has 30% off dresses right now, so it would be about $62.00 ish plus tax)

Love the print! 

2) Girlfriend Distressed Jeans - $ 88.00 ( Women's Jeans at Express are buy one get one $29.90!)

I have these and they are my fav pair of distressed jeans. Distressed jeans are a wardrobe must have! 

3) Military Parka - $88.00

Would be perfect to layer for spring with dresses, skirts, shorts and jeans! 

4) Plaid Shirt - $59.90

I live in Plaid shirts! Loving the color! Pair with jeans or shorts! 

5) Hi Lo Midi Skirt - $59.90

Would be great for a night out or dancing! 

6) Lace up Gladiators - $39.90

Fav pick from this week's post! I had to order these. Look at that color!! 

7) Funnel Hoodie - $ 49.90

Great for spring weather! 

8) Chambray High Tops - $ 90.00

Love these! 

9) Brown Flip Flops - $39.90

Another spring/summer staple for men! 

Hope you guys have a good weekend ahead!
Until next time..




Happy Hump day! Today, I want to have a Screen to Screen with you! Screen to Screen is what I will be labeling the posts where I want to have a heart to heart with you ( the readers!). Since you will be reading this through some type of screen, I figure I would call posts like this "Screen to Screen" instead of Heart to Heart (Is it corny enough for you?). 

Heads up - This post is a little different than the past few that focused on travel and fashion but that is the good thing about blogging! I can share my thoughts on everything with you, not only travel and fashion but even matters of the heart and soul. 

So let's get to it..

Have you ever read this quote? 

"Actions always prove why words mean nothing" 

I was browsing through on Pinterest ( may or may not have spent an hour doing so...) and this caught my eye. It was one of those moments where I read it and I was like hmm, this is speaking to me right now! I am always skimming through pinterest and I see a lot of quotes on there but this one caught my attention to the point where I was like, I have to blog about this! 

I have read a similar quote before, something along the line of actions speak louder than words. I think there are many variations out there of what this saying implies. Anyway, I had to ask myself if what this quote implies is infact true. Do your actions mean more? or do your words mean more? 

I sat there for a few minutes and thought about this. I really had to ask myself this because it was one of those instances where you ask yourself what is the meaning of this? Does this mean what I think it does or is it just bs? 

After some time and reflecting back on my own experiences, I think it speaks the truth! At least to me, it does. 

Here's why ...

We are always talking about things we want to do right? Whether that is getting fit, being more productive, being more successful, learning a new recipe, mastering a certain occupation, learning a new trade, starting your own business, traveling, making time for your loved ones, telling your family you love them more often, getting your tires rotated, taking better care of yourself or your house or car, taking better care of your relationships etc etc.. ( I can probably make a 15 page long list of things I talk about doing that I have not yet done). You get the point? We are ALWAYS saying how we will do this and we will do that or how I meant to do that or this. 

Well, did you do it? Did you do any of those things you "talk" about? I can tell you I haven't done half of the sh** I talk about. Okay, maybe more than half but I really haven't! At the same time, there are a few things that I have done, starting this blog is one of them. But this is why this quote stood out to me, because with me talking about a lot of these things I "want" to do or I "intend" on doing, I haven't done the most important part of it all...taking an action that will get me closer to achieving it ( imaginary lightbulb over my head turns on). I mean the whole reason this blog exists, as tiny as it is, is because I turned my words into action. I did that, nobody else did that for me. I did. 

Then I thought to myself that all of these things I "talk" about really have no meaning, they have no worth! I mean, I say I am going to quit Starbucks, has that happened? No! Why? Because I am not taking any action towards that. I just say, I have to stop going to Starbucks and I leave it at that. I do not do anything to try and help me achieve what I said I will do.  Talking about it isn't going to get me any closer!!  I have to make the choice to take action, a conscious effort, that will help me achieve all of the things I want to do. 

Do you talk about all of these things that you want to do or say you will do but haven't really done anything about it? Do you then get disappointed because you have not accomplished the things that you want in life? It is because you can't wait around to eventually start working towards your goals, dreams, aspirations etc. Waiting isn't going to get you any closer, you actually have to do something like TAKING AN ACTION towards it. 

So, stop talking and start doing!! This is what I told myself ( yes, I had this conversation with myself, don't judge) . I even wrote this quote down on my chalkboard for me to see every morning. I want it to serve as a reminder, that my actions ( and yours!) mean more than what I ( or you) say.  This also implies to when you are talking to someone else. Let's say someone close to you tells you they will do something for you or for themselves, whatever the case may be - I want this quote to serve as a reminder,  that I will not believe what they say until I have seen them do it. 

It's that simple, their actions will literally be what I take as a testament to what their words mean. I really do think that looking at words in this manner, can save us from suffering from disappointment not only in ourselves but in others as well. 

With that said, I want to end this post by telling you one of the things I always talk about doing- learning to say no (blogpost about this is in the works) . I am always all talk when it comes to this topic but I never really follow through on my own words. So, I am going to be taking actions towards teaching myself to say no. Say no to things, people and situations that don't please me or make me happy. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on the post! Is there is anything that you always talk about doing but haven't really taken any action towards? Do you believe what this quote implies? Do you believe that actions always prove why words mean nothing?

Until next time,

Zara - Fashion Friday

Hii! Happy Friday!!

This Friday, I wanted to bring some fashion finds your way! Rather than the selection being from different stores, I wanted to pick a different store/brand each week and post finds from there every Friday!

For this week's (and the very first!) Fashion Friday, I wanted to feature Zara! This is one of my absolute favorite stores to shop at. The selection is always on fleek and the prices are reasonable for the quality of the items. I have included both men and women finds!! 

1) Stone Necklace Jumpsuit - $69.90

Perfect for date night or a night out with your friends! Pair with red lip :)

2) Guipure Lace Dress - $69.90 

My most favorite pick this week! Perfect for any spring occasion. L.o.v.e it.

3) Striped Midi Dress - $69.90

Weekend wear perfection! 

4) Frilled Cropped Blouse -  $49.90 

How feminine is this top?!  Pair it with the denim shorts below!

5) Denim Shorts - $39.90 


6) Flat Lace Ups - $39.90 

Great to pair with almost any outfit! 

7) Cross Body Bag - $39.90 

Must have! 

8) Men's Quilted Jacket - $49.90 

Would be great for spring weather! 

Casual yet dressy at the same time. Love the color! 

10) Men's Printed Shirt - $49.90 

I think every man out there needs to have one of these! 

As soon as some of my camera equipment arrives, I will start posting some of the fashion finds in action! 

FYI- The individualized links to buy each and every item can be opened by clicking on their name. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! :) 

Until next time...